EKRA X5-36 Screen and Stencil Printer, Year: 2013 (Serial Nr: 805759)


EKRA X5-36 Screen and Stencil Printer, Year: 2013 (Serial Nr: 805759)

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EKRA X5-36 Screen and Stencil Printer

Type: X5-36

Serial Nr.: 805759

Year of Manufacture: 2013

Direction: Left to Right

Voltage: 230V, 50/60Hz

Air Pressure: 6Bar

Printing Area: max 915 x 610mm

Printing Speed: 5-199mm/sec

Printing Head: Two independent pneumatic printing head

PCB dimensions:

  • Minimum size: 80 x 80mm
  • Maximum size: 915 x 610mm
  • PCB thickness: 0.5 – 6mm

Transport height: 820mm – 950mm

Transport Width Adjustment: Motor-driven, controlled by software

Transport Speed: 350 -600mm/s

Dimension (in mm): 1650 (W) x 1860 (D) x 1400 (H)

Weight: 1050Kg


The X5-36 series screen printers are fully automatic, computer controlled, high precision printers with short set-up and cycle times.

The X5-36 concept consists of individual modules which can be configured to produce a large number of different machine types. The machine type is designed for the respective application.

All X5-36 inline automatic screen printers have two independent, pneumatically driven squeegee heads with a continuously regulated pressure of +/- 0.04 bar.

The stencil is clamped at a fixed position and the PCB is aligned with the stencil. The camera system is mounted on an X/Y coordinate system with a glass scale and a closed loop control circuit.

The “EVA” vision alignment system consists of two high resolution CCD sensor. The patented 21/2 D inspection system not only detects solder bridges, but also the clogging of the stencil and, if necessary, automatically starts a cleaning cycle.

Alignment is performed via the display screen. The display screen is also used for checking the production cycle.

The X5-36 printer can be used as a stand alone machine or as an “fully automatic inline printer” in an SMT production line. Only slight modifications are required to adapt the X5-36 printer to existing inline SMT production lines.