Nutek NTM110LM-HS Multi Magazin Line Loader, M-Size, Left to Right, Year: 2015 (Serial Nr.: 2015-0236A01)


Nutek NTM110LM-HS Multi Magazin Line Loader, M-Size, Left to Right, Year: 2015 (Serial Nr.: 2015-0236A01)

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Nutek Multi Magazin Line Loader, M-Size

Type: NTM110LM-HS

Serial Nr.: 2015-0236A01

Year of Manufacture: 2015

Direction: Left to Right

Transfer height: 950mm (+25/-40mm)

PCB size: 75 – 250mm (W)/ 80 -330mm (L)

Product thickness: 0.60 – 1.60mm

Component Height: Top: 30mm max/ Below: 30mm max

Voltage: 230V, 50/60Hz

Pressure: 4-6 Bar

Air consumption: 27L/min

Dimension (in mm): 1850(L) x 840(W) x 1750(H)

Weight: 236Kg



The loader is divided into three main assemblies:

  • Lifter
  • Input (Lower) conveyor
  • Output (Upper) conveyor


The lifter accepts a full magazine from the input (lower) conveyor. It will index upwards until the set 1st slot of the magazine is at the transfer height. Upon receiving a downstream busy signal, it will load a PCB onto the downstream machine. Loading is done by means of a pusher cylinder assembly located inside the output (upper) conveyor. The lifter will index upwards until the next slot of the magazine is again at the transfer height.

The loading process repeats until the last PCB in the magazine is transferred out. The empty magazine will be brought to the highest position and transferred onto the output (upper) conveyor.

Input (Lower) conveyor:

The input (lower) conveyor allows a full magazine to be placed at it’s entrance and transfer it over to the lifter assembly. Stoppers are used to provide separating action, allowing only one magazine to be transferred onto the lifter. Cam switches or sensors are used in conjunction with the stoppers.

Output (Upper) conveyor:

The output (upper) conveyor receives the empty magazine from the lifter.